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‘Become a Great Westerner’

That phrase is used by FGW in its current marketing campaigns but, despite that, it’s pretty good! And we believe you should become a Great Westerner by joining Everything GWR! Let me give just one reason why: We have just uploaded our latest members’ video – depicting the launch of superb Ivatt Class 2 No […]

‘Mission Ashburton’ – Act now to Save it!

I took this phrase from the Steam railway article this month about the fight to save Ashburton station from the developers.  I hope we have played some small part in helping the campaign to ‘step up a gear’, as SR mag describes what is happening but it is all excellent news. It seems that not […]

Everything GWR ‘Engine of the Year’ Poll

Please vote for your choice of GWR Engine of the Year below. but you can only vote once! There is a section for you to propose alternatives but they must be accompanied by a good justification. The Pollmeister’s word is final and probably a power trip…

GWR Engine of the Year 2014

It’s that time again!  (And it does seem to have come round fast) Last year, the award was won, unexpectedly, by D1015 Western Champion and Corris Railway No 3, Sir Haydn so who will it be this year (you can’t win it twice running!)? As usual, we are in your hands as to which GWR/WR […]

Save Ashburton Station!: sample letter to National Park Authority

Email: forwardplanning@dartmoor.gov.uk,  Dear Dan Janota I write as a member of the EverythingGWR web community, an on-line group committed to conserving for future generations as much of the heritage of the Great Western Railway as possible.   There has been considerable concern expressed on our very active Facebook page regarding reports that the station site at Ashburton may be lost to […]

46447 Returns at Cranmore

Just returned from the launch of Ivatt Class 2 No 46447 at the East Somerset Railway – what a fabulous job Steve Masters and his team have made of it! Steve is too modest to blow his own trumpet but the achievement of transforming 46447 from Barry wreck to steaming in stunning lined out late […]

Join the Everything GWR Community!

I am quite amazed by the success of Everything GWR.  When I set it up, I was just indulging my own almost obsessive love of the Great Western Railway. I was just having fun with it but it seems to have just grown… I am daily astonished to find  that we have hundreds of visitors […]

A GWR Super Train?

The Didcot Facebook post yesterday about 5069′s exploit on the Ocean Liner Special 60 years ago set me buzzing! These wonderful vehicles were another example of one-up-man-ship on the part of the GWR as they set standards of comfort that went beyond the use of Pullmans on other railways. Eight vehicles were built, all named […]

Who is this 1838 GWR shareholder? Can anyone help?

This was sent to me today by antiquarian book dealer, Patrick Pollack. It shows an entry in an anonymous cash-book for 1838 where the owner has bought shares in the GWR! So, who could it be?  It must be someone with considerable wealth and, of course, this was the year the GWR opened so it […]

The Long Marston Military Railway Centre

It is a huge pleasure to see this group starting up at the northern end of ‘our’ railway, the Glos Warks Railway, for two main reasons. The first one is very personal: when I was 15 and forced to be a member of the school’s cadet force in Dorchester, the only silver lining in what […]


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