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J.H.Bailey, apprentice boilersmith, Wolverhampton Stafford Road

J.H.Bailey, apprentice boilersmith, Wolverhampton Stafford Road

GWR Shareholders – 1835 – 1932.  Discover whether one of your relatives was once a shareholder in the Great Western Railway. Shares in the railway were highly prized, and over 440,000 named individuals are recorded here in the GWR Shareholders Index and each entry gives detailed information about the shareholder. GWR Casualties Project – nearly 1500 photographs of GWR staff who died in WW1.

GWR Staff Records – from the Berkshire Family Historian.  A good outline of where to find people who worked for the GWR.

Research guidance from the National Archives on looking for Railway Workers

Swindon Central Library has (in the Local Studies and Family History Collection) has a full bound run of the GWR staff magazine (1891-1947), plus the British Rail Western Region magazine that followed it (1947-).  Theses can be VERY good for obituaries, promotions, appointments, accidents and retirements within the company. Many entries feature photographs.

At STEAM Museum, there is a large archive that includes a list of GWR Staff who died, by department; committees reports etc;  bound records of various kinds but NOT  The official GWR company records and archives, which subsequently were part of British Rail, are now held at the National Achives at Kew.  These include Staff Records and Accident Reports.

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