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This is a growing resource of links to websites that portray GWR history. Most recently added are first.

August 1968 at Barry and lines of GWR locos are just waiting to be rescued. Nice album by Tom Curtis.

5028 Llantilio Castle is Paul Tomlinson’s tribute to his favourite GWR locomotive.  Rich in technical data, newspaper reports, as well as audio and video shots and with over 90 photos of 5028 at work around Netwon Abbot and Plymouth, he preserves the memory of an engine prematurely scrapped following an accident in Plymouth.

Lionel J Lee’s Photo Collection is presented by Bev Parker and is a wonderful evocation of the railways around Wolverhampton   in the 1950′s and 1960s. This link is to Low Level images, there is another page about GWR locos including great shots of Stafford Road and other pages are devoted to the LMS lines.

The STEAM Museum Photographic Archive at Swindon amounts to approximately 10,000 images, as well as slides and a collection of 1,000 official GWR glass lantern slides. Subject areas depicted include Swindon Works, both manufacturing and architectural views, locomotives and rolling stock, local and social history. It also holds a large number of locomotive postcards.

Robert Darlaston’s railway web pages I found by accident.  He has some striking photos from the mid 1950s, mostly of GWR subjects and are well worth looking at.  In particular, I liked his very first photograph, a shot taken in July 1953 of now preserved Hall 5900 Hinderton Hall standing outside Tyseley shed, cleaned and ready for work.  Lots of other marvellous high quality pictures and there are links at the bottom of the page to his other holiday railway pages.

The Great Western in Warwickshire   A fascinating site with marvellous photographs, accompanied with extremely well detailed and researched captions and notes. Great period photos of the great, late and lamented Birmingham Snow Hill station.

Railways in Worcestershire  An interesting site that looks at the main and branch lines around Worcester. Particularly good for fans of the Honeybourne line.

The Fairford Branch in Oxfordshire.  Martin Loader’s marvellous portrait of the branch line route that never quite got further than Fairford.  Lovely photos and hugely atmospheric website.

The Lambourn Valley Railway, Oxfordshire.  A nice site documenting with lots of great photos this once independent branch line famous for its horsebox traffic that closed in 1960.

The Great Western Archive  This is a good  site with lots of information across a wide range of GWR topics, including some nice sound files. It also includes a Western Region archive that has details of the ‘diesel hydraulic era’ that was so distinctive and very much in keeping with the independent spirit of the GWR

Bristol Railway Archive  A wiki style site with a complete list of stations (not all GWR) in the Bristol area. It also has forums and photos from all historical eras. Excellent resource

The Broad Gauge Society  Dedicated to ensuring that the early GWR is not forgotten, this site has sections for modellers and arranges events for members such as field visits. Some signs that the site is not very active these days

Great Western Society:  A variety of new and wonderful collection of archive photos from the GWS archive. Many scenes around Didcot and elsewhere.

Swindon’s Other Railway:  a nice site dedicated to the memory of the MSWJR, with very interesting photos and a marvellous video showing scenes between Swindon Town and Andover

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