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Is there support for restoring 7027 Thornbury Castle to steam?

Take our quick poll to see if public opinion is on the side of pursuing this course of action

Congratulations to the GWSR!

For people keen to achieve GWR authenticity wherever possible at our heritage railways, things have not always felt great at the GWSR so it is absolutely wonderful to be able to celebrate the achievements of, first, the rebuilding of Hayles Abbey Halt and then the rails arriving at Broadway station on 23rd January 2018, with […]

Press Release Exclusive

  Everything GWR has just received breaking news that an hourly service of Inter-City trains could be running from Sharpness to Paddington as early as 2017.  In an exclusive interview with Everything GWR journalist Drawoh Rekrap, rolling stock collector and enthusiast Andrew Goodman has revealed that he has been successful in his bid to buy […]

Rivalries old and new

Stimulated by the imminent return to steam of Flying Scotsman, we GWR types really cannot resist wondering how good this most expensively refurbed machine will be. It should be very good, especially in terms of the money spent etc etc… but my basic question is:  is this latest incarnation of Gresley’s classic design as big […]

Ashburton – where next?

The Friends of Ashburton Station are ploughing on with huge determination in their attempts to both slow down and hopefully to reverse the Dartmoor National Park Authority decision to destroy the last remaining Brunel branch terminus for a few shops, housing and car parking. They have had another success in that they have been able […]

Broadway Conflicts Resolved but what are the lessons to be learnt?

Heritage Railway magazine reports that the issues over the proposed station building at Broadway have been resolved so perhaps it is ok to poke my head above the parapet just once more and make a few general comments about what has happened from the point of view of the preservation movement as a whole. Some […]

Ashburton – keeping up the pressure

The DNPA did what we asked! They deferred making a decision on what they call the ‘Chuley Road Masterplan’…but only until 7th July.  This plan, that will save or kill, once and for all, the Brunel gem that is Ashburton station, is in their hands so we must keep up the pressure to help them […]

Ashburton Follies – still time to reconsider

The Dartmoor National Park Authority has now ‘responded’ to its consultation process regarding the ‘Masterplan’ for Ashburton Station – if that is the word to describe keeping your plan pretty much as it was all along with a very minor and completely inadequate concession to supporters of railway heritage. The ‘Option 2′ that is being […]

How should Broadway Station be rebuilt? Vote now!!

How should Broadway station be rebuilt? The present plans, developed by the GWSR plc Board, contain a number of modern construction methods while opponents of the plans want to see the station built much closer to the original authentic GWR specification. Vote below and make your opinion known NOW! You may make up to 3 […]

Getting the Heritage Right

I have been a bit reluctant to enter the debate about the pros and cons of the proposed design for the recreated Broadway station. But now that it has hit the columns of Steam railway magazine this month, I feel I can  contribute to what is emerging as a pretty fierce fight between commercial expediency […]


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