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Democracy at Work?

I confess I do not really understand the outcome of the ‘Engine of the Year’ poll.  Perhaps we need someone from the ‘Election Night’ team on the BBC to analyse it? I do not know if it is democratically representative of popularity because there could be many other factors at work here.   Some engines […]

GWR Engine of the Year Result

Wow, what a poll and what a result: a tie between D1015 Western Champion and No 3 Sir Haydn!  Extraordinary. Both received 164 votes which represents 21% each of the 767 votes cast. Also, well done to 9351 for finishing top of the standard gauge steam engines. Here are the results: Position Engine Votes % […]

Everything GWR Engine of the Year Poll 2013

Welcome to the Everything GWR Engine of the Year Poll for 2013! Last year, against all the odds, the common pannier triumphed over more glamorous competitors as Didcot’s lovely 1930s GWR livery 3650 was judged the winner for its performances helping out railways like the SVR and Bluebell. This year it will be equally interesting. […]

Vote to decide the Everything GWR Fund Raising Project

The projects below have been chosen as a result of suggestions and comments made by Everything GWR supporters on Facebook, Twitter and the website. There may be others that you wish to propose instead. If so, please add them in the comments box at the bottom where it says ‘Others’. When we have a clear […]

Come back soon, Foremarke Hall

Far too long ago, I sat on the driver’s seat of Burton Agnes Hall in the dock siding at Totnes.  6998 was there with 1363 and they later worked up from the south west under their own steam to become some of the earliest arrivals at Didcot.  I sat there and imagined how it must […]

A 21st Century ‘Great Bear’?

We seem to be in a sort of new-build mania. The list of lost locomotives that have some sort of following for building a replica of them seems to be growing rather than slowing down. Is this just a late charge by us old chaps who remember steam days and want to relive those moments […]

A Swindon design for the 21st century?

News that the 77021 Locomotive group is intending to build a brand new Standard Class 3 77xxx 2-6-0 is interesting. OK, these engines do not have the beauty of a GWR thoroughbred and they might not be every GWR fan’s cup of tea – not a lot of copper work and no safety valve bonnet […]

A Mainline Connection for the GWR in Cheltenham?

Just as the Glos Warks Railway fixes its gaze on Broadway to the north, with Honeybourne almost within reach, an article in the September 2013 edition of ‘Modern Railways’ discusses the possibility of developments at the opposite end, at Cheltenham, which could conceivably see GWR trains running into a new platform shared at an improved […]

Signal Boxes – the reality of buying your own

I have elsewhere raised the issue of the gradual but inevitable loss of traditional GWR signal boxes as modernisation continues.  It seems sad that this process will accelerate as Network Rail seek to achieve their aim of centralising control of signalling in a very few massive signalling centres. I emailed NR to ask about the […]

The first Everything GWR Appeal Fund

We have been thinking for a while that we should put our (and your!) money where our talk is.  There are lots of GWR themed preservation and restoration activities going on all around us and we talk a lot about what can and should be done to keep our heritage alive.  Perhaps it is a […]


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