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The first Everything GWR Appeal Fund

We have been thinking for a while that we should put our (and your!) money where our talk is. ¬†There are lots of GWR themed preservation and restoration activities going on all around us and we talk a lot about what can and should be done to keep our heritage alive. ¬†Perhaps it is a […]

Dreams and Realities

Preserving our railway heritage has always required (at least) two things: the refusal to accept ‘can’t-be-done’ as an answer to an idea and the ability to have the bloody-minded, tenacious patience to get down and get it done. There are lots of ‘can’t-be-dones’, no-hope projects that no sane person would ever give a second thought […]

What if WR Steam had lasted longer?

The end was in 1964/5. I should know: I have the last Ian Allan Combined Volume that had WR steam in it. I had moved to Dorset from Keynsham in 1962 and before I went, I had seen the last remnants of steam followed by the invasion of the Warships. As a child I was […]


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