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Have you heard the one about the 3 CME’s?

After a period where they were all held in limbo after their deaths, the time came for the great railway Chief Mechanical Engineers to appear before God so that they could be judged before, hopefully, being elevated to heaven.

The first the present himself was Sir Nigel Gresley. Confident that his contribution to human progress would be rewarded, he approached God with an A4 pacific tucked under his arm (you can do this in the afterlife…).  God asked him why he should be granted entrance to the heavenly realms and Gresley answered confidently, ‘Because I built this most iconic and beautiful locomotive.  It went faster than anything had gone before.’

‘Fair enough’ said God.  ’You may sit at my right side.’

The next to appear was Sir William Stanier.  When asked why he should be admitted, he produced a hologram of his magnificent streamlined Coronation Scot train. God was impressed with its beauty and elegance of line and said, ‘You may sit on my left, in honour of your accomplishments.’

The last soul ambled into the divine presence and, frankly, God was shocked.   He was scruffy, he looked like he had been hit by a train and the locomotive that he rode was a dirty, pannier tank engine, uncleaned for weeks, with steam oozing from every joint.  ’And who might you be?’, asked God with palpable disdain.

‘My name is George Jackson Churchward’, said the figure. ‘And you are sitting in my seat.’

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