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Have you heard the one about the 3 CME’s?

After a period where they were all held in limbo after their deaths, the time came for the great railway Chief Mechanical Engineers to appear before God so that they could be judged before, hopefully, being elevated to heaven. The first the present himself was Sir Nigel Gresley. Confident that his contribution to human progress […]

Once in a lifetime. I suppose…

In the end, despite being a bit grumpy about the whole thing, 3 of us GWR folk from the Glos Warks Steam Dept. made it up to York to see the A4 fest, ‘Mallard 75′ yesterday. And we had to admit that it was one of those unique occasions that you felt glad that you […]

Join the ‘Everything GWR’ Community!

The GWR did not die in 1948 when the railways were nationalised, and indeed the name has come back very strongly during the privatised era. ┬áToday, the spirit of Brunel is possibly stronger than it has ever been and the electrification of what everyone calls the Great Western mainline is bringing a new energy to […]


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