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Save Malvern Road Shed!

It may not be connected to the  existing Glos Warks Railway operational line but news that the 4 road GWR shed at the derelict Malvern Road station in Cheltenham is under threat is causing a few ripples round the railway.  The station closed in 1966 and the shed at the same time and since then it has been a builders yard.  The builders may have cased the brickwork in metal cladding but happily that has preserved the old structure quite well but they have now left and the site is due to become a housing development (yawn).

The temptation to save this structure is huge among preservationists but what would the GWSR do with it?  A couple of good suggestions have been made:  there is a plan to build a museum at Winchcombe station and this would be a good use for it while others have suggested a DMU shed. Not sure about that one, I think tongues may have been in cheeks there but what about a heritage carriage restoration facility?  One of the stumbling blocks to saving some of the crumbling GWR carriage and wagons we have on the railway has been the lack of any covered accommodation.  This might do the job very well.

My favourite is also the least sensible and practical – buy the whole site and restore the shed in situ, waiting for that day in the far far future when the GWSR restores the line back into Cheltenham. It will need a loco shed there then! Ah, dreams….


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One Response to “Save Malvern Road Shed!”

  1. Apparently, the Broadway station team are ‘on the case’. They have been down to look at all GWR relics they might have a use for, such as fencing, gates etc.

    Posted by howard | November 22, 2012, 2:24 pm

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