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A 38xx ‘Breakthru’

Pop video star GWR Class 2884 2-8-0 No 3822 at Didcot

Just discovered that Didcot’s freight 2-8-0 3822 was the loco used in Queen’s video for their song ‘Breakthru’.  It starts with drummer Roger Taylor’s then girlfriend, the gorgeous Debbie Leng wearing a black mask (hmmm…) waking up to find she is lying on the line of the Nene Valley Railway with 3822 charging towards her at, reportedly, a speed of between 30 and 60 mph (can 38′s actually do 60??).

All a bit improbable but when were Queen ever anything else? Great fun to watch and a cracking song, particularly as Brian May’s marriage was in trouble at the time and Freddie was starting to show signs of the AIDS virus that was to kill him far too young. You can read a fuller version of the story here.

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