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How should Broadway Station be rebuilt? Vote now!!

How should Broadway station be rebuilt? The present plans, developed by the GWSR plc Board, contain a number of modern construction methods while opponents of the plans want to see the station built much closer to the original authentic GWR specification. Vote below and make your opinion known NOW! You may make up to 3 […]

Getting the Heritage Right

I have been a bit reluctant to enter the debate about the pros and cons of the proposed design for the recreated Broadway station. But now that it has hit the columns of Steam railway magazine this month, I feel I can ┬ácontribute to what is emerging as a pretty fierce fight between commercial expediency […]

Electrifying Brunel’s Railway

This is a fascinating video of a lecture given to the Society of Antiquarians of London by William Filmer-Sankey, an architectural historian and archaeologist with Alan Baxter & Associates LLP, a multidisciplinary design consultancy. ┬áHis company has been contracted to safeguard the heritage of Brunel’s railway as electrification takes place. The electrification of the Great […]


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