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A New Line for the Glos-Warks Railway?

The Glos-Warks railway seems to have come a long way since our very existence was threatened by the two almost catastrophic landslips at Gotherington and Chicken Curve.  It wiped out the bank accounts and it took some tough decisions to merely survive, let alone thrive. Today, though, a huge transformation is in progress:  the Bridges […]

Famous email from Gooch to Brunel !!

Gooch’s Historic letter to Brunel – A Piece of Paper That Changed A Town’s Destiny (Pasted from this website, with thanks: a great site on early GWR history) Probably the most important piece of paper in Swindon’s history was the letter that Daniel Gooch wrote to Isambard Kingdom Brunel on 13th September, 1840. In it, […]

Sir Daniel Gooch – the man who really built the GWR

Yesterday, I took a trip on Mr Brunel’s railway up to Paddington and mused upon the appearance of posts and holes in the ground for the masts for electrification wires, bridge rebuilding and the transformation that is taking place to electrify Isambard’s railway.  I marvelled at the magnificent vision that Brunel had for this railway […]


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