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8 Castles (not 6 A4s) for ‘GWR 180′?

Our Facebook page has been glowing red-hot with ideas for a Great Western gathering to rival the limelight that 6 LNER A4s have been basking in lately. Not that we have anything against A4s, you understand. We acknowledge the creativity of their designer, their iconic art deco looks. In fact we think they look pretty […]

NRM to close – scaremongering or economic reality?

I probably should not be shocked by seeing headlines that suggest the NRM could be under threat of closure. Museums are never very profitable and when you have a cost-obsessed government that wants to cut anything they can find in the public sector that is not profitable, they make a fine and easy target. And […]

141 down, 72 to go…

With Standard Class 4 No 76084 coming back to life this summer, there are now 141 engines that have been rescued from Barry and returned to steam. This leaves 72 that were originally rescued, of which 29 are of Swindon origin. Three of these (2861, 5227, 7927) seem to have paid the ultimate sacrifice and […]


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