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Bristol’s GWR neglect

Tonight Michael Portillo was in Bristol again, still clutching his Bradshaw. Yes, I know it’s a repeat but every time it’s on, he says something that hurts: he visits Brunel’s Temple Meads station and eulogises about the unique cantilevered roof and then, outside, complains about the sadly neglected frontage. He is absolutely right. I have […]

Preservation or Operation?

Today 5 of us from the Steam Department at Toddington spent the day down at Winchcombe putting a tarpaulin over a rusting, derelict preserved carriage.  The carriage concerned is, I am told, the earliest surviving Stanier designed LMS carriage and it has sat in a siding becoming more and more of an eyesore for more […]

Is there room for another GWR New Build idea?

It’s a good idea, every so often, to set aside a little time to feel hugely grateful for the fabulous iconic collection of GWR locomotives that are still with us.  It is indeed a remarkable achievement and we should remember that each and every restoration or new build project absorbs  money in breathtaking quantities, vast […]

Quantity or Quality on our Railways?

News that the passenger target figures in the West Midlands for 2020 were exceeded last year is an astonishing reminder of the current explosion in rail travel.  There can be no doubt that this is a major social change and that rail travel is now back to being the rule rather than the exception.  Combined […]


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