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ASLEF station to be demolished?

It is completely inevitable that the constant renewal of the modern railway system will result in the loss of the heritage of the old GWR.  Luckily we are in a recession and if there is anything guaranteed to stop the new sweeping away the old, it is a recession! Over the years, lack of funding […]

4115, 5227, 2861 – did they die so that others may live?

Last month I mused on the seemingly final fate of the above GWR locos that seem to have all but disappeared now that their parts have been taken for a variety of new-build projects such as the 47xx 2-8-0.  This month in Steam Railway magazine, my fellow GWR website colleague Peter Pascoe has joined the […]

GWR Heritage Railway News

The news headlines for March 2012 on the latest developments on our heritage railways in GWR territory are as follows. To go to the websites of those railways, click here. The Helston Railway is making great strides with its track laying and is now almost 75% of the way to Truthall Halt. They now have […]

March GWR Loco News

Its the time of year when steamable locos have had their winter maintenance and are ready to go for the new season.  You can look at the current condition of Swindon-built locos, both steam and diesel, GWR and BR built here and below we review some of the recent news: 5967 Bickmarsh Hall, one of […]

Long Live the King!

What a great engine 6024 King Edward I is! I can remember as a kid the society being formed to buy it and the restoration years at Quainton Road.  Since then, it must have done as many miles in preservation as it did with the GWR/WR and it seems to have been ever-present on the […]


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