Photo Galleries

In the Galleries section, I shall be progressively uploading as wide a range of images as I can find that depict historical and contemporary images of the GWR network.

It will feature the work of other photographers as well as my own and I am sure that some photos will inevitably appear which I do not have permission to use.  the intention is not to deceive or to steal and if I know the photographer, I will get in touch to ask if I can use them.  If, however, you find your own photos appearing here without having given your permission, please forgive me and point this out to me.  I will, of course, respect your intellectal property rights either by withdrawing them if you object to their use, or credit you for the image.  I hope this is acceptable.

I also very much welcome images onto the site and will be pleased to display them, together with both a named credit and a link to your own site.  If I can help fellow enthusiasts and professionals to sell their work, so much the better.


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