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GWR Carriages for Sale

GWR Restored Saloon 80970

Ever fancied having your own GWR carriage?  Well, now’s your chance.  In a bid to find some space at its crowded Winchcombe C&W restoration base, the GWSR has put up for sale 5 vehicles, ranging from the newly restored 1948 Swindon Inspection saloon No 80970 to a couple of complete wrecks: unique Collett Coaches No 5500 and 5539.  The latter two are an immense challenge, requiring complete rebuilding but if you’re up for something a bit easier, go for one of the Hawksworth carriages.  Basically sound but need work.  See below for details – the text is from the GWSR website.

Incidentally, I cant help wondering if the otherwise excellent GWSR really should be finding a way for these carriages to stay and become part of a vintage train of pre-nationalised stock. Those Mk1s are necessary to keep trains moving but they are dull and the railway could do with some real heritage stock. And the inspection saloon would make a great party carriage for cocktails!  The problem as ever is cash which the railway has less of than ever.

80970 is an ex-Great Western Railway, Hawksworth Inspection Saloon. Built at Swindon in 1948. Vacuum Braked, Steam Heated. This vehicle underwent a body refurbishment at West Coast Trains (Carnforth) in early 2010. Requires some external detailing to complete. Body condition is excellent. Internally, some fittings need to be refitted (supplied), new carpets are required and the electrics need to be completed. Privately owned and offered for sale as now surplus to requirements.

333 is a Great Western Hawksworth Full Brake (BG) and is privately owned. It is offered for sale. The condition of this vehicle is poor externally, although internally it is dry and it is largely complete except for the gangway connections which were removed during departmental service. This vehicle is currently used as a store, it will be emptied following agreement of sale.

2232  is a Great Western 3rd Class Corridor Brake (BTK) and is privately owned. It is offered for sale. This vehicle has been in use until present as a mess coach. It is now surplus to requirements. This vehicle is vacuum braked. The interior is modified from the original design, with a more open layout.

5500 & 5539   are Great Western ‘B’ Coaches. 5500 was built in 1934 and is a Brake Third (BT). 5539 was built in 1928 and is a Collett Brake Third (BT). They are unique vehicles in that no others of their type have survived into preservation. Their current condition is very poor and they are structurally unsafe with the roofs and sides propped with timber to allow their movement without collapse. Many of the original fixtures and fittings survive and are in separate secure storage.   These vehicles are currently stored on isolated tracks so their removal will need to be planned with good notice. These vehicles are privately owned and are available either to purchase or on long term lease from the owner, whereby the restoration and future of the vehicles would be assured.

All enquiries to:    Richard Drewitt, Traction & Rolling Stock Director:
richard.drewitt@gwsr.com Mobile: 07813 603706


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