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GWR Locomotives for sale!

Five ex-GWR locomotive are currently for sale, in varying states of health and completeness.

The fittest and, presumably, the most expensive is 56xx class 0-6-2T No 6619, currently in hire to the Embsay and Bolton Abbey Railway. Owned by Kevin Gould and Peter Proud, it has a valid boiler certificate until 2013.  A good buy, I would say, and a useful and economical engine for heritage railway use

Complete but requiring a full 10 yearly overhaul is 57xx 0-6-0PT No 7760. Owned by Tyseley and previously a main line performer, it should be in pretty decent overall condition but the Tyseley people are in need of cash to finish Clun Castle so it probably won’t be cheap. I dare say Bob Meanley can give you a financially challenging price for the full job…

Also complete is 4575 class 2-6-2T No 4588, based at the Dartmouth Steam Railway.  This was put up for sale in 2008 when its boiler certificate ran out as it is really a bit small for the railway’s requirements.  These small prairies are great engines  so when that Euromillions cheque finally arrives, I shall be making that call.

2885 flies the flag for steam services out of Birmingham Moor Street

Lastly, we have two 28xx 2-8-0s, Nos 2859 and 2885.  If you have a big garden and just want to look at it, I would go for the latter as it has been cosmetically restored at Tyseley and has been flying the flag for steam at Birmingham Moor Street for a while. Looks are deceptive though and merely disguise the fact that, underneath, it is still in ex-Barry condition.

The other 28xx is 2859 and this is a bit sentimental for me in that it was the last loco overhauled at the GWR works at Stafford Road in Wolverhampton. Does that mean that under all the rust it is in not too bad condition? No idea but I would love to see it taken on by someone. I might start badgering the 2807 people at Toddington. They must be getting bored now that their engine is back at work


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2 Responses to “GWR Locomotives for sale!”

  1. There is hopefully soon to be some good news for lovers of 28xx 2859. A currently small band of enthusiasts (myself included) are proposing buying 2859 for restoration. We are hoping to raise funds by any means possible (legally) to buy and restore her once we have a home for her. Our last resort for a home is on the 100m of track I have laid on my property. I am membership secretary for the group and leaflets will be made available very soon.
    Tracy Lear.

    Posted by Tracy | February 27, 2014, 9:03 pm
    • Hi Tracy
      We wish all the very best with this project but it will be a long haul. At Toddington we now have 2 28xxs so it makes sense for you to work with both the 2805 group and the Dinmore Manor people who own 2874.

      If you would like an introduction to either group, please let me know: email: howpark@aol.com or ring 07866 727743

      Posted by howard | February 27, 2014, 10:56 pm

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